Often, in my sector (tech companies), IT is perceived as a black box. To the uninitiated, developers spend their days writing 0s and 1s, and the result is something similar to dark magic. This situation leads to fragmentation within the company's various departments, particularly between management and technical operations. My role is to act as a central pivot capable of harmonizing these elements, thanks to my ability to grasp the company's requirements and vision, while at the same time having the necessary skills to bring them to life, whatever their degree of complexity. I implement this approach methodically, taking full advantage of:
  • Cutting-edge technologies, the fruit of my 10+ years of accumulated experience.
  • My ability to simplify complex concepts and explain them clearly.
  • And my expertise in customer experience, forged through the realization and management of over fifty projects to date.

I live in Switzerland with 2 cats, Chou and Croûte.

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I am currently working on an AI version of myself, check this out!


In terms of personality testing, I am according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator tool an ENTJ profile with the Te Ni Se Fi cognitive functions.

My Te helps me to choose what is best for the group, not necessarily for myself, and reveals my management qualities.

My Ni is my library of knowledge accumulated in several years of career which allows me to extrapolate by linear interpolation all the technical subjects of which I have no knowledge, and to make me a fast idea of the quality of the tools and processes established, or to be established.

My Se allows me to travel the world and to fill my Ni with the experience of the field, without locking me in introverted beliefs.

My Fi contains my values, my humanity and finally intervenes little in the professional environment where the collective is privileged over individualism.

What gives me a stack of the shade (or subconscious) in point of improvement which are:

My Ti which should help me to reason in a deductive way instead of inductive way. Induction is faster but does not guarantee 100% accuracy. That's why we use Ti for research and scientific purposes.

My Ne which is the process that allows me to see several possible solutions, to explore, to imagine and finally which is an engine of innovation. But I compensate it with a Ni very broadened by my years of XP.

My Si which for the time being is my blind spot, will be my ability to be meticulous on the details of reporting and administrative style, on the deadline. But I hack it by using technology (reminders, alarms, etc...)

My Fe which for the time being is in demonic function, which will make me lack judgement in the environments where compassion is necessary like care, and little in psychological games with my personal relations to be transformed into manipulative tool.



Co-founder & CTO @ Heavnn 🏔️

We plan your international taxes before they plan you.


CTO @ Coteries SA

Product side
  • Cedille.ai (cedille.ai)
  • Local-Heroes, a pandemic action (local-heroes.ch)
  • Planify (planify.io)
Agency side
  • Project estimations
  • Specifications
  • Conception and idea simplification
  • MVP preparation, offers review
  • Technology and architecture choices
  • Projects digitalisation
  • Project management
  • Update to the industry norm
  • Delivering, follow up and reporting
  • Guiding and teaching the development team
  • Quality processes: automation, code review, QA

Projects/customers examples: MakeThings (co-working space), ZVV iOS and Android, BeFramed, Intento, CloseUP, Nail The Office, Geo-Satis Offender, Association 141, EPFL Innovation Park, TrainVapeur, in-corpus.com (be.care)


Senior iOS developer @ WeMoms (Globalia)

Development and continuous improvement of the product WeMoms iOS, a social network for mothers. The effort provided by this app lead us to be featured 2 time by the App Store.

Among my missions:
  • Full project migration to Swift
  • iPad and Apple Watch adaptation
  • Massive usage of Apple last technologies (3D Touch, Haptic Engine, iCloud Drive)
  • Deep work on the esthetic and the app animations
  • Setup development best practices
  • Help to the product conception with my expertise
I also developed organisational skills in a small team by creating processes:
  • Setup of CI/CD with easy app distribution
  • Experiment of multiple task management tools: Trello, JIRA, Asana
  • Design and prototyping: Sketch, Invision, Zeplin and Sympli
Few interventions on the product WeMoms Android.

Senior iOS/Android developer @ GoBeyond Studio (formerly MyStudioFactory)

Developments :
  • Crédit Agricole Ma Carte
  • Louis Vuitton Grand Palais (exposition)
  • Optim Mobile (CACIB) iOS
  • ING Direct iOS

Co-founder & CTO @ Lidmi SAS

The digital solution to organize hanging out with friends

Full project development:
  • A web site
  • Webservices
  • iOS native app, watchOS
  • Android native app

Mobile engineer for iOS/Android at frog (formerly Backelite then Idean)

  • ibis Android (Lead developer, team of 2-3)
  • hotelF1 Android (Lead developer, team of 2-3)
  • Banque populaire Android tablette (Lead developer, team of 3)
  • Banque populaire iPad
  • Banque populaire Android smartphone
  • Société Général Android
  • Pole emploi iOS
  • Caisse d’épargne iOS
  • ALD Carmarket Android
  • France TV Info Android
  • France TV Culture Android
  • Credit Agricole Android
2013-present Freelance web developer and DJing Paris


2008-2013 Engineer training in Information and Communication Technology at IMT Lille Douai (formerly Telecom Lille) (including 2 years of preparatory cycle) Villeneuve d’Ascq
2008 Obtained the Baccalaureate specialty "Engineering Sciences" with distinctions Lycée Charles Coeffin

My internships during Telecom Lille

2013 (6 months)

Transatel - Specialist in virtual mobile operators

Development Engineer Java/PHP/mobile

  • Development of an application for generating and sending PDF contracts by email
  • Development of a customer consumption tracking application iOS/Android
La Défense
2012 (1 month)

Keyneosoft – Development of interactive and cross-channel solutions for commerce

Developer (Fixed-term contract)

  • Development of a B2B application for Android tablet "Sergic"
  • Development of an iPad tablet application "GenApi"
2011 (5 months)

Keyneosoft – Development of interactive and cross-channel solutions for commerce


  • Development of touch terminals for Leroy Merlin, Auchan (Web), Oxylane (Microsoft Surface)
  • Shell and Java development for processing streams towards a database
  • Development of a website dedicated to smartphones
2011 (4 months)

You 4 London – Foreigner insertion agency in London

Services Promoter

  • International promotion of the agency to schools
  • Creation of communication supports (brochure, leaflet)
  • Redesign of the website
2010 (2 months)

WorldNet Telecommunications

Network Technician Assistant

  • Installation of a remote control system for NRA
  • Fiber optic installation
  • PHP algorithm for retrieving unused IP addresses
Puerto Rico
2009 (2 months)


Junior Accounting Assistant

  • Company's stock assessment
  • Updating supply prices in Divalto
2009 (2 months)

La Maison de l'Aide à Domicile


  • Digitization of archived customer files